Blow Your Own Beautiful Mind
This is a personal journey of how I went from struggling with self-love, self-worth and believing that I needed to be a certain way, to stepping in to my own greatness and living from a place of total authenticity and joy
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Here’s a snapshot of the intro to
Blow Your Own Beautiful Mind
I was 26.
I was cracking open.
I recall pulling over on to the side of the road with tears streaming down my face.   
I was sobbing uncontrollably and it took every part of me to remember to breathe. I’m sure I sat there for over an hour.   
I’d reached my breaking point.
I was at a pivotal point in my life and I really wasn’t sure how I was going to change things. All I knew was that it was time. My heart was begging me to come home.
Outwardly I was happy.
And I never even realized that on the inside I was drowning until I hit that breaking open point where I found myself sobbing on the side of the road.
The first call I made was to my Dad, the second was to my soon to be Life Coach Nat. I didn’t know how to do this by myself. Things had shifted and all I knew was that I needed to release what felt like a lifetime of baggage.
When I look back on our first meeting I barely recognize the young girl sitting at the table with her face looking out to the ocean. The sadness that had engulfed her was heart breaking. 
The only thing I remember from that session was the first question Nat asked me. Quite simply it was what do you want? 
My response… "I just want to be happy like you."
Inside the Blow Your Own Beautiful Mind book you will find:
  • My story and how I went from feeling broken and unfulfilled to living a life of purpose and clarity 
  • How to implement change 
  • How to design a life you truly love 
  • The tools to unselfishly putting yourself first 
  • Permission to live your life based from desire rather than 'have to's'  
  • Your own curiosity for life 
  • How to step up to your own next level 
  • How to uncover your purpose in life 
  • A love for yourself that you may have forgotten or didn't realise you had 
  • An understanding that you can create whatever you choose in life
Ready to just be you?
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